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My mother, too, emigrated from Romania, fourteen years ago. She went to Italy. For the first three years we communicated by letters and photos. I wanted to make a film that would be inspired by elements in Herta Müller’s book and by my mother’s life. I want to talk about the struggles and experiences of a young woman in the 1980s who emigrates and experiences freedom far from the regime of her native land.

In 1985, in Communist Romania, the thirty year-old Irene falls deeply in love with a German, Franz. They have a short and intense romance. When Franz leaves Romania, Irene decides to follow him to Berlin to be with him. After her arrival, Irene gradually comes to realize that Franz no longer wants to be with her. She is sucked into a spiral of melancholy and nostalgia for her lost love and distant homeland.

TRAVELING ON ONE LEG | 16 minutes | France | Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains | 2016

Herta Müller is a Nobel Prize-winning writer born in Romania whose work is a subtle mixture of realism, allegory and surrealism. She emigrated to Germany during the Communist era. “Travelling on One Leg” is a novel that describes emigration through the eyes of a young woman, Irene.

The film explores the themes of exile, homeland and identity.

Irene seeks to escape her traumatisation by creating collages from newspaper clippings.

By the creative process she experiments on what a fluid subjectivity might feel like.

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