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Teaser | I made YOU, I kill YOU | documentary | 14 minutes | FACEBOOK | TWITTER 

Traveling on one leg a film by Alexandru Petru Badelita
Alexandru Petru Badelita
I made you I kill you a film by Alexandru Petru Badelita

director   ✎   video-editor   ✄   animator   ​ ✮  

Copyright © Alexandru Petru Badelita. All rights reserved.

FILM | TRAVELING ON ONE LEG | 16' 25'' |  2016

Alex is searching for some work in the field of cinema. If interested contact me: alexandru.bade@gmail.com 

Alexandru Petru Badelita

Welcome! My name is Alex and I am a filmmaker from Romania. I direct & edit short-films by mixing real-action with animation. The common themes of my works are childhood, dreams and biography. I explore them in documentaries, auto-fiction and experimental films (for me it's a mix of old and new techniques, digital aesthetics & analogue nostalgia). I get inspiration from surrealistic imagery and ideas, collage & video-art. Music is an important aspect of my creative process. I like L. Buñuel, I. Bergman, Stan Brakhage and  ∞

Alexandru Petru Badelita

FILM | I MADE YOU, I KILL YOU | 14' 00'' |  2016